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WordPress.com First Impressions September 26, 2006

Posted by Mark in General.
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I don’t suppose I should complain as WordPress.com is free but I’m going to…

It’s not that it’s really bad. Indeed it’s not – WordPress is excellent and has many great features. In fact WordPress is perfect for just about everything I want to do.

Unfortunately I can’t find a theme that I like. After trying nearly every theme, I’m just not happy with any of them.

Maybe it is me who is too fussy, but there seems to be something wrong, at least in my eyes,with just about every theme. So here I am with Kubrick and it looks like I shall have to plough through them all again looking for something that I half like.

Oh well back to it!

Edit: I settled for Regulus as it is the only theme that I really like at the moment. Peace at last, now on with the blog!


Hello World! September 25, 2006

Posted by Mark in General.
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Welcome to “Rise and Shine“. My name is Mark and this is my new blog.

It’s early days here and I’m still trying to figure it all out. There seems to be a million options and a whole load of themes to play with, so there’s bag full of fun to be had before anything productive happens.

Hey, just in case somebody reads this, thanks for dropping by 🙂